Updated May 04, 2021

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Rimmel BB Cream, 9-In-1 Lightweight Formula - Rimmel


Rimmel BB Cream, 9-in-1 Lightweight Formula - Rimmel

( Argos 199/4500 )

Want the London look? Gloss up those tips with 60 Seconds super shine nail polish in racy lose your lingerie; an opaque pastel pink colour. You? ll be on your way in no time, thanks to 3-in-1 colour technology that provides ultra shiny colour along with a base coat and glossy top coat. With a quick drying formula you? ll be ready in less than 60 seconds. This lightweight, ultra-comfortable formula instantly gives you flawless skin with a healthy glow. If you don't use traditional foundation, then BB Cream makes a great everyday base. Super Light. Volume 30ml. Weight 41g. SPF 15. Satin finish. Recommended for combination skin. Brightening. EAN: 34775952001...... (more)

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